Field Guide To The Larger Mammals Of Africa Revised Edition -

stuarts field guide to mammals of southern africa chris - this is a fully revised edition of the stuart s best selling field guide to southern africa s extraordinary wealth of mammal species from tiny shrews to the iconic big five and including those that live in the sea, smither s mammals of southern africa a field guide peter - dr peter apps studied animal behavior at oxford university before moving to south africa in 1979 with a background that combines zoology and analytical chemistry he has worked on species ranging from insects to elephants and has written several books including smithers mammals of southern africa a field guide and the first edition of wild ways, lion fact file wildlife south africa - lions are the largest predators in africa they are also the most sociable of the cat family and can live in prides of up to 20 and more males are territorial and will defend their pride and territory against intruders some fights could end in death, jstor viewing subject biological sciences - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa - bibme free bibliography citation maker mla apa chicago harvard, flying and gliding animals wikipedia - a number of animals have evolved aerial locomotion either by powered flight or by gliding flying and gliding animals volant animals have evolved separately many times without any single ancestor flight has evolved at least four times in the insects pterosaurs birds and bats gliding has evolved on many more occasions usually the development is to aid canopy animals in getting from, causes of bird mortality sibley guides - this chart and the following text were prepared in 2003 any updates would be welcome first it should be stated that the single most significant threat to bird populations is habitat destruction in all of its forms and with all of its causes, books published by 30 degrees south publishing company - peter chapman armytalk 2010 04 it is some months since i read this particular autobiography by granger korff when i first read it i felt completely unable to describe the book in any meaningful context so overwhelmed was i by the experience so i have left it until now and after much musing on its content am again attempting this review in a more sober frame of mind, grasslands of south africa food and agriculture organization - this book brings together information on the contrasting characteristics condition present use and problems of the world s main natural grasslands since grassland is commercialized through the grazing animal particular attention is paid to the livestock production systems associated with each main type grazing resources are more than simply edible herbage many other factors have to be, do you have some interesting wildlife news april 6 2018 - the cats remain highly endangered in eastern russia but the latest population estimates for the species are encouraging twenty years ago there were a mere 30 amur leopards living in the wild and scientists feared they were on the brink of extinction